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    Ask. Think. Lead.

  • What Sets 云顶集团手机版 Apart?

    Every university gives reasons why it’s the right one for you. Of course, you know — and we know — that no university is right for everyone. But if you’re looking for a place where you’ll be heard, where you can discover your potential, and explore what you want from life, 云顶集团手机版 is the ideal place to launch the rocket that is you.

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    No matter where you are in your educational journey — preparing to graduate high school, transferring from another school, or resuming your education at any level — spend some time on our site, check out our majors and minors, and 可获得的经济援助. Then plan a visit to our campus and see if the Capital has what you’re looking for to move your life forward. Take the first step by telling us where you are now and what you’re looking for:

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    Campus Life

    Any attempt to describe CapFam falls short. The beauty of Capital is in our people and the bonds we share. Our campuses in Bexley and downtown Columbus put us at the heart of Ohio's capital city and connects our students with the fastest growing city in the Midwest – and the opportunities within. Living on campus is the best way to immerse yourself in the Capital experience. If you’ve only seen our campus through photos on our website or direct mail, don’t underestimate the impact of a brick-and-mortar visit. It's the best way to experience CapFam for yourself.



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    Be part of something bigger than yourself without losing yourself. At Capital, you'll find meaningful ways to use your gifts. We believe education should prepare you for purpose in work and life. And because learning happens everywhere — in class, 在社区中, 在学生组织中, in the lab, or on the field — your learning and impact begin immediately. All of these experiences work together to shape who you are, what you know, and what you will do in the world.



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    We are with you, even when it comes to paying for college. Capital invests more than $50 million annually in providing scholarships and grants to help families afford the Capital education. We believe in you — and it — that much. You're investing in more than a piece of paper. 你在为自己投资. And we're investing in you. Together, there's nothing we can't do. 




    我们的招生顾问 are here to answer questions about majors, applying, scholarships, FAFSA, student life, Columbus, 贝斯利和更多. Reach out today and we'll be glad to help!


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